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online nutrition plans


My services are not available to those under the legal age of their country of residence.

Prior to initial


Once you have booked a plan, you will receive an email containing a consent form, 3-day food diary and health questionnaires. Please make sure to sign the consent form, fill out the food diary and health questionnaires and send all back to me before the date of your initial consultation. The same will be needed if you have chosen to conduct everything via email, however, more health questionnaires will be given to ensure we cover everything.



Based on your preference, the initial consultation will either be conducted via email (available in German & English) or web call of choice (Skype, Zoom or Teams) (conducted in English only). A link or username will then be sent to you  via email prior to the consultation. 

The goal of the initial consultation is to gather information from you regarding your past and current health, lifestyle and eating habits. This is important to make the intervention personalized to you so that it is easy for you to integrate the plan into your life.

Following the initial consultation you will receive a PDF document containing your new nutrition plan explaining all the changes in detail. 


Your progress over the duration of the plan will be monitored through weekly communication either via email or Whatsapp. If testing is needed to monitor your progress this option will be given. If testing is required, this will be discussed during the initial consultation.

What's included in the PDF

  • 20+ page document

  • Your new nutrition plan with meal examples suited to your needs

  • Easy to understand explanations of your dietary changes & their benefits

  • Supplementation suggestions (if necessary)

  • Helpful tips & advice

  • Nutrition strategies for training, competition & recovery (SPORT plan only)

  • Recipes

Follow-up consultations

The follow-up consultations are NOT booked on the online booking calendar during the payment process only the initial consultation. I will send you an email reminder to organise a date.

Based on your preference, the follow-up consultation will either be conducted via email (available in German & English) or web call of choice (Skype, Zoom or Teams) (conducted in English only). If needed, you will receive another link a few days prior to your follow-up from me via email.

After every 4 weeks, you will receive a second set of follow-up questions via email or we will have an online consultation. This is to catch up with you since you started with the plan (what is going well/ not going well, what changes can we make, resolve challenges you are facing, etc.).

After each of these consultations, you will receive another document with the necessary changes we would have discussed from the follow-up consultations.


During the12 weeks of the SPORT plan, we will also work together to perfect your training and competition nutrition (e.g. gut training and identifying the best fuelling strategy for you).

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